imagine :The First time he tells you he loves you

  • Dan: You and Dan have been going out for 2 months now and you guys were just so into each other,but you were worried because neither of you has said I love you to each other.As your sitting in the movies you noticed that Dan just kept looking at you and when he noticed you caught him staring he just looked away and smiled.When the movies you asked him,if you had anything on your face he just replied,"Y/N,yes you do have something on your face,"What ?"You reply worried you had spilled something ,"Well its a smudge of perfection,your just so beautiful and I think i love you" You smiled and kissed him passionately and you didn't mind if people were staring.
  • Greg: You and Greg were watching a scary movie and you kept getting scared at every bloody scene,and Greg just laughed.You tried to even hide in his shoulders and he would stroke your hair.and whisper in your ear when the scenes were over.After the movie you went to refill the popcorn when you didn't hear Greg come to the kitchen and when he came in and spoke you jumped from your fear that a serial killer was there and threw all the popcorn in your hair."aww you special creature let me help you" Greg said. "This is so embarrassing "you say instead."No matter what you have in your hair you always look perfect to me, i love you"he he came closer to you."You just said i love you"you say trying to register the words "I did and i meant them"
  • Micky : Micky was chasing you around your house,trying to tickle.After a good five minute run around your house when he finally caught you and threw you down on your grass and started tickling you.When you begged for him to stop between fits of giggles he just tickled you even last you broke free from him and managed to roll over,and get on top of him,but unfortunately you couldn't tickle him because he just wasn't ticklish like you were.Micky just stared deeply into your eyes and then smiled ."Y/N have i ever told you how much i love you?" you gasped,he never really said love you before,"No but i like the sound of it"you reply"Well,I love you and i never want to loose you."
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